• Modal

    A pure ingredient Beechwood is produced exclusively from beech pulp. The way to grow beech is unique, and its sustainability reflects excellent antibacterial properties. Its fine fibre can shape a beautiful drape. A textile lasts long with its durability and softness and smoothly blends with cotton and silk wool.

  • Tencel

    A natural resource, Eucalyptus is a tree extract and an upgraded fibre from Modal. It has a luxurious lustre, shape, and colour retention while preserving excellent moisture content and absorbency. Great elasticity and lightweight are what entitles it to a premium fabric. Plant-based cellulose fibre is smooth and perfectly works for sensitive skin. Sustainability provides moisture to the skin to improve the quality of sleep.

Who is it for?

Sensitive Skin

Gentle on the skin with high quality and long-lasting smoothness


Absolute thermal regulation to feel chill and dry

Love to Style

Vivid colour vibrancy and retention with sheerness

Classy Gray
Classy Gray
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Quick view
Pumpkin Slice
Pumpkin Slice
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Botanic Origin

Difference in Fibre

The fibre is durable and has good strength to sustain the shape compared to others' short fibre length that breaks easily and is difficult to use for a long time.

Difference in Filament

Softness is maintainable, while the sheerness lasts long enough to enjoy the fabric compared to other fibres that reduce abrasion and gets severely rough on the skin by long-term use.

Difference in Fabric

The original luxurious drape stays the same after the wash with minimal static charge, rather than the more you wash, the more the colour fades and falls out.

Reliable Production

  • 01. Pulp Extract

  • 02. Fibre

  • 03. Fabric

  • 04. Garment

  • 05. Recycle

  • 06. Forestry

Get the organic, pure ingredient from the forestry grown by the recycling process. Exceptional softness comes from the exclusive raw material.

Cook the ingredient to prepare the soft, sheer fabric for the garment. A reliable source makes a reliable product.

The eco-friendly fabric gets topped with vivid colour and vibrancy to meet its owner. A soft draping and long-lasting shape work perfectly with the night apparel.

The name value of Modal and Tencel promotes the upgraded fibre. Antibacterial properties and plant-based fibres encourage your pick by preserving moisture and lasting durability.

The proof of being a 100% eco-friendly system introduces how the garment can get recycled back to create forestry containing extractable ingredients. Be part of the system.

A green environment to grow trees for fabric suitable for people's wearing. Get satisfied with the fabric quality and its making and growing process.

Recognize the Premium Fabric

We add colours and designs to the natural material. Exceptional softness means highly flexible and long-lasting quality. You deserve it, so feel special in our fabric.