Inspiration came from the goddess Artemis represents the Moon. Adding value to soothe and ease your evening to let go of insomnia and sleeping troubles. Be in a dream to dream yours.

Going global from Canada

We read and lead trends. We aim to meet a wide range of customers with the absolute quality of products followed by the latest trends.

The use of ecological technology inspires our aesthetic homewear outstanding with its premium fabric quality.

  • Modal

    A pure ingredient Beechwood is produced exclusively from beech pulp. The way to grow beech is unique, and its sustainability reflects excellent antibacterial properties. Its fine fibre can shape a beautiful drape. A textile lasts long with its durability and softness and smoothly blends with cotton and silk wool.

  • Tencel

    A natural resource, Eucalyptus is a tree extract and an upgraded fibre from Modal. It has a luxurious lustre, shape, and colour retention while preserving excellent moisture content and absorbency. Great elasticity and lightweight are what entitles it to a premium fabric. Plant-based cellulose fibre is smooth and perfectly works for sensitive skin. Sustainability provides moisture to the skin to improve the quality of sleep.

  • The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses.

    Unknown Author

A Beauty Journey

Your mate to continue the journey to look for true inner beauty. You can walk through the day just like your evening with our presentation. Create your Moon from us. The Sun might shade it, but the dim light stays next to you all day, opening its gate at night only to comfort you.

Studio is Always Open

  • Floral Stylo

  • Scented Plaster

  • Candle

  • Bottle Soap

Have some thoughts? Write them down. Your story begins with us. Real dry flowers float as you walk through your journey with the herbarium pen. Each pen will have its identity similar to your unique personality. We got the colours and the case. All you need to pick is the number.

Your favourite scent added onto a rough arts decor. Pour your essential oil to change the mood or to make it last a little longer.

Light up the mood. Create your space. Pure ingredients for natural scent are a bonus. Embrace the warmth and relax for the night.

Each piece of teddy bear soap contains 100% organic ingredients, primarily vegan and natural aroma oil. Apply each soap of a gummy bear or grab several to nourish your hands.